F.L.A.G. Builds Performance

Retired Major General Barrye Price, PhD. developed the F.L.A.G. Model to successfully build high-performance results-oriented teams throughout his military career. His model now provides measurable results for government contracting, corporate and non-profit organizations. Dr. Price provides customized evaluation and assessment of your team, your mission, and your goals to create organizational alignment and successfully impact performance by applying his F.L.A.G. philosophy.

Your company is a collective of individuals or a corporate family. The diversity and strength of each teammate is important to the success of the whole team. Each member, or teammate, is unique and brings their own attributes to the family, or team. Just as in a family, one in inextricably linked to all the other members. As a Leader, or role model of your organization, you must develop team members, create robust efficient teams, and promote individual growth and organizational growth for sustained success.



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FLAG is a blueprint for your success! (PDF)

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